Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Going Somewhere? Better Bring a Tablet Instead!

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Electronic devices have proven their value in making life worth living. They can help us in performing our daily tasks a notch easier. Starting from the simple machines you learned back in your formative years to the high tech gadgets of this digital age, they have simply led one innovation after another. And apparently, this decade have seen the fastest advancement when it comes to machines. Computers started as humongous contraptions, to desktop computers, laptops, and now, they have come in the form of tablets. And incontestably, tablets are one of the most preferred pieces of equipment today. Certainly, they are the perfect gadgets to carry when you are on the road. Without further ado, here are the top compelling reasons why you should just leave your laptop and bring your tablet instead on your travels:
  1. It’s MORE portable. The power of a tablet is without a doubt no match to the power of a laptop, and we all know that. But if you are somewhere else and you just need an electronic device for the purpose of reading emails, watching YouTube videos, and staying updated in Twitter and Facebook, it would be a hassle if you still carry your laptop with you. It may turn out light, but you will definitely feel the weight of it on your shoulder in a matter of a few hours. So, just bring your tablet next time, and travel light.
  2. It has a longer battery life. When you’re outdoors, the thing that you want the least to happen is for your gadgets to have their battery life fully drained. There might not even be an outlet nearby to plug in your portable charger to stay connected again. Studies show that most tablets have twice the battery life of a laptop. And this will enable you to get more out of the device you are carrying.
  3. It starts up faster. The booting up period of a device is perhaps the most dreadful seconds of your life. It puts you through a mandatory downtime wherein there’s nothing for you to do but wait. If you hate wasting your precious seconds in front of a loading screen, then better use a tablet because it boots up faster than a laptop.
  4. It is future proof. Laptops are meant to take computing to a brand new level. Back in the days, one can only make use of a computer at home using a desktop. However, since laptops have made their debut, people have brought their businesses and whatnot with them on the go. But as it turns out, there appears to be the ultimate gadget that again takes computing to different heights. With a tablet, you can be able to do as much as what a laptop can do, though it may not be as powerful in terms of specs as the latter. But it’s just a matter of time when tablets will take over all consumer electronic equipment in tech stores.
  5. Cool Tablet Accessories. Because tablets are becoming more famous than laptops nowadays, innovations (internal or external) are more focused to cater for the tablet market. There are a myriad of tablet accessories out there that you can use to customize your device according to your needs. With those add-ons, your tablet just got more dynamic than ever.
  6. It rids you the workaholic mindset. If you’re on a vacation, you would want to use that time to relax and disengage from work. But if you you’re bringing a laptop, you may already feel the stress just by the sight of it, unlike with a tablet that gives a somewhat laid-back feel meant for fun and entertainment.
Come your next excursion, keep the reasons listed above in mind to have a more carefree, exhilarating journey. Travel smart!

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