Thursday, October 31, 2013

Smartphones: Source of Your Stress (Part II)

Have you been quite frazzled about knowing that your phone could be the source of all your stress? You might not notice them right off the bat but once these simple things have accumulated, you’re going to need all your might just to squeeze out that stress through your stress ball. Well, if the previous examples on the part one of this article haven’t sufficed to say that these nifty phones can be the source of all your exhaustion, then here are other situations that could wrap them all at once.

#1: That feeling when you are talking to someone, and he or she is also tapping his or her phone at the same time

using mobile phones
Talking to your friend and tapping on your phone simultaneously? Come on, give me a break. Spending time with your dear ones is your only quality time, why would you even divide it? Although I, myself, am guilty of doing this at times, I try to control myself. I let the person in front of me finish talking first, and I’ll interact as much as I can. Then after that, I’ll excuse myself to check my phone. It’s not that hard, is it? But if you try to be like jack-of-all-trades, talking, eating, and tapping on your smartphone all at once, then this is really something unfavorable. I remember one time, I was talking to a friend when I found out she has her mobile earphones plugged in. Truth be told, I was a bit bummed out. You don’t want to feel that stress, do you?

#2: That feeling when you are away from your phone

stress with smartphones
When you are in a place where phones are restricted, do you feel a bit antsy? The “No Phones Allowed” sign just makes your eyes twitch all the time, doesn’t it? For all you know, that is completely normal—completely normal for people who are addicted to their beloved, nifty smartphones. What about when you hear a speaker saying “Please turn off your cell phones, because the show is about to start.” All nails on the board! Turning your phone off was proven to induce physical and mental withdrawal symptoms according to a study. Thankfully, there is an option for you to just put your phones to silent mode. Or better yet, find a coping mechanism so as to combat the feeling of being anxious. Take a walk for awhile or take a deep breath.

#3: That feeling when you have divided attention in school

How much notes have you taken down than text you sent to your *insert whatever your relation to this person is here*? Well, I know someone who was on his first year in college. Taking up what course? Engineering—the course that will make you MA(TH)D! And so, he got a girlfriend. That’s fine. But I see him literally texting every single day. I know engineering’s math isn’t that easy but he should’ve focused studying than going out with his girl… and yeah, texting—I partially blame. Why wouldn’t I? It has been his constant distraction. Nonetheless, I believe he’ll be able to pull it off once more.

Smartphones can be really alluring; it can also be really distracting. But if you know how to use it right, if you just know how to not abuse it, then perhaps you won’t be stressed this mu—bam!

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