Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Smartphones: Source of Your Stress

What’s that nifty, self-luminous rectangular thing in your hand? You probably use it to be connected socially. And let’s not drift our thoughts away for the amusement it brings by any means possible—apps, accessories, features, or just being the phone itself, they are just covered with neatness in every inch.

Seeing and experiencing all the functionality of this gadget from bits to pieces, anyone could all get attached to it instantly. And almost anyone—if not all—would freak out if these smartphones can be found nowhere else near them. Talk about Nomophobia—fear of being out of mobile phone contact, or simply put, No Mobile Phone Phobia. I’m sure these people would be all so stressed out if they lost their phones, but did you know that having these phones can render you all stressed more even? Yeah, well, check out these stressing factors that you might haven’t noticed yet:

 #1: That feeling that you have to respond immediately to a message

Have you ever been in a situation where it’s so important that you need to treasure every moment, and then suddenly your phone beeps? What do you then? Forget that it beeped and just savor the moment? Yeah? I don’t think so. Most people would pull their phones out of their pocket, and would even try to reply even if they are in the middle of something—or in this case, the wedding. Text messages interrupt us from what we are doing. We then have to reply immediately because it has been in our behavior to be compulsive. Some would even keep their portable chargers with them at all times because of fear of their phones dying out. In my case, when I’m about to do something, I’ll tell the person on the other end politely that I have to do something first. And then I’ll text him or her afterwards once I’m done. In this way, neither the relationship nor your chores will suffer.

#2: That feeling when you thought your phone beeped

You thought you heard a beep, or you felt a vibration inside your pocket… you pulled it out just to find out that there are no any reasons for all the fuss since no new messages are being displayed. Do you know what you are experiencing? That’s what we call, Phantom Cellphone Syndrome—and this is a clear sign that you have been so attached with your phone. Don’t worry; you’re not alone, a lot of people have been experiencing this, too—and that includes me.

#3: That feeling when you don’t want to miss out anything under the sun with your close circle

iphone black case
Have I already said that smart handset has become the means of people to be socially connected? Well, they also use it to be updated. Being updated with what’s new with your close circle is something that is kind of acceptable, but there’s a fine line between “I just want to check on you” and “fear of missing out” or FOMO for short. This is when anxiety strikes you as you missed out all the fun events other people do. You feel you have the need to be updated on what they are doing so that you could join them. I bet you can’t even close the iPhone back case cover of your phone because of definitely, the fear of missing out. But I guess you must learn how to combat this. Do something that you want; not what other people tell you.

Do you already feel the stress? Then, I suggest you disconnect with your smartphone from time to time. Wean yourself away, and try to connect with people rather than your gadget.

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