Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Noteworthy Apps That Take Care of Your Lists

If you have so much on your plate, then it’s absolutely crucial to start the day by enlisting all the things you need to accomplish throughout the day according to priority. And to get the job well done, you must be vigilant to manage your time. So, might as well, set aside your slack-time and hustle while you bustle.

But at times, having notes with you can be somewhat handful—and having the traditional notes also cannot guarantee that you can actually accomplish everything you've enlisted especially if you have to manually warn yourself to finish such activity on time. Seems like it’s not a handy-dandy notebook after all, eh? Or you could at least tie a thread on your fingers to remind you that there’s something that needs to be accomplished. Now, why did I tie this thread again? Let me ask you a question: which is handier, a notebook or your smartphone? Everybody’s money would definitely be on the latter as almost everyone couldn't get off their houses without their smartphones being stapled in their pockets—that of which I found myself guilty of. That being said, perhaps the pre-installed note app on your phone would suffice, right? You can say that, but actually, there are far more things apps can do. While the pre-installed note app only lets you scribble out a few things, these note apps I’m about to feature can actually get you all covered. So, prep yourself to ditch your traditional notepads and hit the list below:

#1: Google Keep
If you’re looking for a viable note-keeper app, then you can keep Google Keep app for yourself! Wait, what? Simply put, Google Keep app is at your service. This app is great as you can quickly jot down the ideas popping straight from your mind, and it helps you be reminded at exactly the right place and time. With this app, you can pretty much create a checklist, record voice reminders, or snag a photo to make remembering much easier. You can use color-codes as well so you’d be able to find which is which. Let me give you a simple tip: use the yellow color on the things you really need to be reminded of since of all colors, color yellow most likely helps you to remember something. That is why, most pencils, post-its, pads and paper, and hazard signs are painted yellow. [Free on Android]

#2: Evernote
And I know that if I will not mention this, you will not forgive me—ever! As rated by New York Times, Evernote was included in the ‘Top 10 Must-Have Apps’. Ever wondered who would be your best pal on remembering things? Be always reminded now by your best ever pal we call Evernote. Using this easy-to-use app, you can actually improve your productivity and save the ideas popping from your head in a jiffy. It doesn’t just let you take notes, but it can also let you capture photos, create to-do lists, and enter a voice note. One of the key features of Evernote is that it works with Evernote Business so you can capture, browse, search, and share Business Notes and Business Notebooks straight from your smartphone and tablet. Won’t this be your great buddy ever? [Free on Android]

#3: Todoist: To-Do List, Task List
Another app that could boost your productivity is the Todoist: To-Do List, Task List. Like the previously mentioned Note apps, it helps you manage your tasks and break them down into smaller ones so you can accomplish each and every task in just a fraction of time. This app also has an inclusion of features like due dates, recurring dates, sub-tasks, task priorities, and colored projects. Can the regular note app do that? Got another page to flip? You can get the Premium account to fully access all its features! [Free on Android]

With a handy-dandy smartphone loaded with the right apps, you can already accomplish so much! You may abuse your phone’s styluses, but don’t you worry as they have replacement parts. So, aren’t these note apps noteworthy enough to ditch your traditional notepads? Try them now!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Wouldn’t You Ditch Your iPad’s Old Apps with These Ones?

The first thing you’ll mostly likely do with your shining, shimmering, self-luminous rectangular gadget we call iPad is to (ab)use its storage capacity—that’s if you’re anything like me. Some people might prefer looking for iPad accessories first rather than having a spin with iPad apps, though. But as they say, apps are the lifeblood of these blank canvasses, so you’d likely end up choosing apps meandering over the cloud sooner or later.

Before, I load my device with apps that look interesting. But then again, the amusement I get from these seemingly entertaining apps don’t last all the way through as they lack the oomph factor I’ve been always looking for—and yes, what we all are after for. The list of must-have iPad apps had already been published, but I guess it wouldn't hurt to add some apps on the list that could get your iPad’s old apps ditched. Let’s hit the list below, shall we?

 #1: GoodNotes Free – Notes & PDF

You already have your own default note app on your iPad, why the need for another note app? If you think critically like me, you’d probably be asking the same question. It’s actually pretty easy to jot down something in just a few taps using the preinstalled note app. But hey, GoodNotes Free – Notes & PDF app actually does more than that. This app allows you not just to write with your own handwriting, but also make a doodle—or practically anything you do on your notebook (except folding or tearing the pages). It’s more like a real notebook, but only virtual and doesn’t need a pen. And don’t you forget that the app has a tail on its name saying, “Notes & PDF.” This actually means that you can open PDFs using this app and highlight all the important things on the file. And yes, you can also scribble out some notes right then and there. [Free on iOS]

#2: AccuWeather – Weather for Life for iPad

 Now, if you want to stay abreast with the weather, then AccuWeather – Weather for Life for iPad app is a  must-have. Of course, most events depend on the weather conditions. If you are planning for something special, being watchful of the weather conditions is highly advisable. You need not worry since this app shows no technicalities and jargons. It is made pretty simple and easy to use to give you the most accurate weather information there is. That’s what the name stands for—Accurate Weather. Aside from weather forecasts, it also has features like giving weather alerts via push notifications, allergen specifics that could possibly affect your outdoor activities, humidity, wind speed, visibility, and the list goes on. You can also easily navigate as this app is associated with Apple Maps. [Free on iOS]

#3: Fayve – Watch Movies & TV on Netflix, iTunes, Amazon, VUDU, Hulu, Xfinity, Redbox, Crackle and more

What a title indeed. That’s because this Fayve app—to call it shortly as it should be—can do so much to your favor. On a typical TV, it’s always hard to catch up on your favorite show unless you keep yourself tuned in your channel and know the time they are scheduled to be played. Well, that’s only for one channel. Do you know what you are missing on the other channels? With Fayve app, you can discover movies & TV shows on services all at once. In this way, you won’t have to miss a single clip that you‘ve always wanted to watch (except when you only have limited time). At least you can stay abreast on what’s ahead when talking about movies and you’ll always have something to look forward to. Moreover, this app suggests movies and TV shows basing from your in-app ratings and Facebook likes. Now, you get to save a fraction of time when searching for a movie that suits your taste. All thanks to Fayve! [Free on iOS]

So, let me ask you once more. Wouldn’t you ditch your iPad’s old apps with these ones? Try them now!