Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Apps You Shouldn’t Miss for Your Smartphones and Tablets [Android]

Over the years, we find the gadgets that could cater to our needs. And after that, we eventually find the apps that could help us get through with our day-to-day activities. We may change our handsets for whatever reason—at best, for an upgrade; at worse, getting broken or pilfered—but there’s one thing that almost always remains: the apps that we can’t live without.

Notice that whatever happens, the apps you installed on your previous trusty smartphones and tablets are still loaded to the new ones. That’s because you find them essential that no matter what, you’re going to free up some space just to have them installed once and for all. Did you now have your own list? Now, I’d be glad to share mine in order for you to try them. See the list of apps you shouldn't live without below:
#1: Kii Keyboard

We all know that typing on our gadgets’ screen—especially on tablets—is not an easy thing. We have to get used to tapping the right keys, or else we’ll abuse the backspace ceaselessly. Flat out; it’s a bummer, especially if we are used to typing with our thumbs. Do you somehow envy the iPad Air’s splitting keyboard? Good thing there’s a key for Android tablets to make all typing on keyboard easy-peasy. The Kii Keyboard app can actually split your tablets virtual keyboard in two. It has the same features of a normal Android keyboard like Swype and prediction, and you can also dress your keyboard with themes to your liking as it supports Go Keyboard. [Free on Android]

#2: Google Drive

Yes, Android phones are being loved because their tendency to expand through their microSD slot, but let’s face it. Sharing would be a lot easier if we could just access it from the cloud. We can use our phones and tablets as a flash drive as we connect a USB data cable for sharing, but sharing wirelessly is unarguably better. Not to mention I remember one time when I have to almost tear our house apart looking for a cable. And so, let’s make use of Google’s another brainchild: the Google Drive. Not only you can store your files on the cloud, but you can also access them anytime, anywhere. Do you want to access a file later but you won’t be able to connect to the cloud? Well, you can actually make a file available offline so you can view it. And that’s not all. You can also edit the file right off the bat with collaborators. Fill in the free 15 GB space if you can! [Free on Android]

#3: Tablified Market – Tablet Apps

Having a tablet is great. The wider the screen, the more convenience it brings. But if you can’t get a good app worthy of the screen, then what good is it now? That is why you’re going to need Tablified Market app installed on your tablet. This app narrows down and organizes the list of apps compatible to your device so you won’t have to wonder if it fits your tablet or not. [Free on Android]

So, aren't these apps worthy to be included on your apps-shouldn't-live-without list? Download them now and start tapping away!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Best Android Apps for Music Downloads

What do you do to stay in tuned with whatever you are doing? You simply plug your mobile earphones in, nod your head, thump your feet, and listen to the music as it gets you back to the beat. Listening to music is actually a sea shanty for most of us as we go along with our chores and stuff. Evidently, it turns as a rhythmic work song designed to increase productivity. And for most, it actually evokes emotions even just within the first twenty seconds of the song. It can also be our voice when we can’t just utter a word because of the inflicted pain.

Music has played a great role in our lives—not just on our music players, radios, mp3s, or smartphones. As we listen to it, we learn to face the music beat by beat (if you may pardon the pun). And so, where do you get most of your tracks? Shared by a friend? Downloaded? Here in this article, I have enlisted the best free music download apps for Android in order for you to find your kind of music. Drum roll, please… let’s hit the list below:

 #1: Music Maniac App     
Asking if you are a certified music maniac is outright unnecessary, since you wouldn’t read all the way down if you aren’t. Did I get that right? And so, to feed you audiophiles from craving to feel the melody and the rhythm of the music around you, here’s Music Maniac telling you the search is over! Oh, wait. Actually, you’re going to search your type of music (preferred song) in an extensive database of CC Licensed songs—so, searching doesn’t stop there evidently. The search results also provide full information in order for you to find and identify which song you are really referring. And that’s from the artists, albums, and the Album-Art to every bit and piece of the song. All the downloaded files will then be stored on the Music Maniac folder that can be found on your SD-card or external storage. We do have to bear in mind, though, that the folks behind Music Maniac are not the ones who maintain their database, thus we might find non CC Licensed songs on the search results. Nonetheless, it’s a great app to start with as this app is also free.

 #2: Moobo Music Player App
Are you looking for a music downloading app that does more than that? Hit the play button with Moobo Music Player. Not only does it provide a neat interface for playing your tracks, but it also supports cloud service, and lets you download free music from the cloud. There is an inclusion of 18 kinds of skins, 3 desk widgets to choose from, and has a powerful equalizer to satisfy your love for music. You can play several formats of your tracks like MP3, MP2, MP1, OGG, WAV, AIFF, MIDI, AAC, AAC+, 3GP, XM, IT, S3M, MOD, MTM, UMX, MO3, MP4, M4A, and OTA. There you go. I’ve enlisted them all for you to know what formats of songs it can play. Moreover, if you want to nail down the lyrics of your new favorite song, this app automatically scans lyrics file for you. This Android app is free of cost as well. What’s not to like?

 #3: vMusic – free music in videos App
Now, if you think that hearing music don’t do too much for you, you always have a choice to watch the music video. You can also choose vMusic – free music in videos app to do the work for you. Search whatever genre of music you like, be it classical, jazz, hip hop, pop, or rock. You’ll definitely love how powerful their database is as it is integrated with Vimeo—the main source that feeds this app. If you install this app, then you will have nothing to lose except a few of your phone’s storage space. So, what are you waiting for? Get this app that is actually free of charge, too!

Now, you know where to get the songs you love. Have fun rocking!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What Has My Mobile Phone Turned Me Into?

Can you still recall how life was back then even before cell phones have become a part of everybody’s life? If you are at least on your early 20’s just like me, then you definitely had experienced life without a cell phone. So, how was it? I suppose if I let you choose between the lives now and back then, you would probably prefer this digital age. Well, I can’t blame you; even I, personally, find the 21st century better than what I was used to. However, with life become easy yet seldom complex with the aid of technology, some things have turned ugly. Take these for example:

Meeting a friend? 
Before, all we have to do is set the who, what, where, when, time—and why—of meetups, and it’s done. It’s actually very simple. But now, as technology gets us more connected to each other conveniently, people have become disrespectful of someone else’s time.

Memorizing phone numbers? 
Ah, this one gets me. I remember when I was small; I used to memorize the 7-digit phone numbers of my family, relatives, and friends. I never needed a pen and paper just to jot down those numbers for safekeeping. Everything was stored in my brain. But today, why memorize when all you have to do is pull up the number of that someone from the address book of your handheld device? Life may have been easy, but in turn, we became...dumb.

Stranded and need a ride?
Although communication is not a tap away on your smartphone kind of way in the past, there are absolutely a number of ways for you to contact your family and friends if you need something. But now, people just seem to step on other’s boundaries just to get what they need/want.

Called someone but didn't pick up? 
Malicious thoughts are not so common back then. Whenever we attempt to keep in touch with someone through the line, we keep our composure and optimism, thinking that the person we are contacting is probably just busy or whatnot. But it’s not the case these days. People tend to feel ignored and hurt whenever someone hasn't texted back or a call was not answered.

While waiting... 
I’m certain that a lot of people are guilty on this, not to mention you and me. Socializing comes out naturally before mobile phones came into the picture. It was easier back then to form personal connections. But now, whenever you see people waiting in a certain place, they’re all busy texting, playing games, shopping in online mobile stores, liking, tweeting, or whatsoever.

That’s quite something, huh? And you’re pretty much aware that this isn't surprising at all. Well, together with the benefits that mobile phones have provided us, come its drawbacks. I guess we have to live with it. But you know what, my real intention here is to make these known to you so that you yourself can at least try to get your act together and lay off the bad effects of your mobile phone use.

Sunday, February 9, 2014

A Brand New Year Suggests More Expectations from Apple

Apple iDevices
Tech companies derive their success from innovation. Whenever there’s something new, people flock towards it, thus, contributing to the overall fame of the company which is credited for coming up with that brainchild worthy of praises. On the other hand, if the so-called innovation is something indicative of a lackluster attribute, it will certainly cause a series of demoralizing remarks. Simply, this is how tech companies reach the top; they should be able to come up with the X factor feature that has the potential of dominating the tech sphere.

All along, analysts and lay mobile consumers thought that 2013 is a terrible year for Apple, but just before the year had ended, Apple has vindicated itself from its alleged mediocre performance pronounced by its critics. And as the transition from the post-Steve Jobs era has reached its completion, we can very well say that Apple is able to manage in continually being a worthy competitor in the consumer electronic industry. However, Apple’s future is still uncertain. It needs to display a brand new development that can surprise or meet the expectations of the market it targets. And speaking of expectations, these are what we (almost) would like from Apple for the year 2014.
  • An iPhone with a bigger display. Just weeks after the release of the latest flagship smartphone of Apple, people were not able to contain their disappointment on its display size. The whole time, prospective consumers sought for a phablet-like device from Apple as a tactic to cope up with the growing market for smartphones with a diagonal display of 5 inches or more. But Apple kept it the way it was used to; it announced the 5s to be as big as its predecessor. As of now, there have been speculations circulating in the open about a bigger iPhone. Hopefully, it will appear in the iPhone 6.
  • The iPad Pro. Studies on the tablet shipments all across the globe show that there will be a decline on the growth of the industry until the year 2017. In addition, this trend will materialize because the demand for 7-inch tablets will be eradicated completely because of the introduction of phablets into the tech market. But as it turns out, experts believe that bigger tablets can be able to spark a brand new interest for mobile computing using a touchscreen slate device. And so, Apple must be able to satisfy this growing demand, for Samsung is already close to the full-blast production of its very own 12-inch Galaxy Note.
  • Better Apple Maps. When we hear about mapping services, the first thing that comes into our mind is the Google Maps. Because it possesses a bunch of breakthrough features, it is usually downloaded into a number of gadgets, including iDevices. But why did Apple hire a team of people with mapping expertise if it will just settle for the Apple maps as it is right now. The company must make use of its resources wisely. The year 2014 must be the year when Apple will debut a newly-improved mapping service that can topple down Google Maps.
  • The Mac OS newer, fresher look. Apple may be laudable in terms of hardware and software design, but at some point, it missed a spot with the Mac operating system. Consumers expect uniformity between the Mac OS and the iOS come the year 2014. Apple’s design language should be consistent with all of its releases so that it can strengthen its identity even further.
The truth of the matter is, it’s hard to tell whether a step undertaken by a company will prove to be phenomenal or not. But with all these, Apple CEO Tim Cook said, “We continue to be very confident in Apple’s future, and we see significant opportunities ahead of us in both current product categories and new ones.” He adds, “We have a lot to look forward to in 2014, including some big plans that we think customers are going to love.” Let’s just hope that those big plans consist of our expectations of the company that once made tech fantasies become a reality.

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Your New Library: Guide to Find Free Books from iBookstore

If you are a wide-reader that gets to read any reading material that are fascinating, then there’s no doubt that you always have this compilation of pages—be it hardbound or paperback—that never gets to leave your backpack anywhere else. Although reading a good book is always a good thing, you must always remember to talk to other folks as well or you’d be no different with people who are so engrossed with their self-luminous rectangular thing. As someone said to those kinds of people, “there is a big life out there; you just have to move your head three inches upward.”

So, reading is your thing indeed. It’s also evident on how much you spend time and money on the book section. But, did you know that you don’t always have to bust your wallet in order to get a good book? Sometimes, all you need is a good searching skill with your iDevice, and then you can get the best free-time of your life. So, whether you are finding a way to liven up that dull commute or reading has finally replaced TV as your life, you can actually get great free reading from the cloud just by following these steps below; no more too much splurging:

#1: Look into the right place

There are a bunch of sources in the cloud where you can find eBooks all meandering. And as usual, some are free; some are not. But, wouldn't it be much easier if at the first place, you already know where to look? A great way to look for books with your iPhone or iPad is in the iBooks Store itself. If you don’t have the iBooks app yet, you can download it directly on iTunes. For an iDevice user, iBooks Store is the best way to download and read the latest best-selling books or your favorite classics. And if you are looking for free eBooks, all you have to do is open iBooks, tap Store, look for Featured at the bottom of the screen to tap, scroll down at the bottom of the page to look for Quick Links, and finally click on Free Books.

#2: Look for your kind of books

I’m pretty sure you have your kind of books. Genre matters. You have to know what you like in order to enjoy it, or else you’ll just get bored and end up not finishing the book at all. Good thing, Apple’s free books collection is divided into several categories in order for you to fish out the books you fancy about. If you want to try something new, you can check out the list of recommended free books. It’s not just all free books merged collectively. Subcategories make it easier for eBook readers to get the books they want that are available and copyright-free.

#3: Look for a new source

Sometimes, looking into the same place over and over is not enough. And at times, venturing outside is all you have to do. If nothing in iBooks Store grabs you, then it’s about time for you to look for a new source of happiness; a new source of books. After all, we can’t find all the books on Apple’s bookstore alone. You can search blogs that feature popular ebooks, top 100 ebooks, and so much more. If you’re lucky enough, the blogs might already have links included and that you might get them free of cost.

#4: And finally, looks like you are ready to read

Once you've found the book you like on the iBookstore, you can now download it by tapping on the Free button, and then giving another tap on the Get Book button to finally get the free book. The book will then be downloaded to your library, and should also automatically show up across all your iDevices that have iBooks installed. Then you can start reading to your liking. That will do the trick.

To all bookworms out there, bear in mind that all you need is a good searching skill with your all reliable smartphone or tablet. And now that you are reading through your self-luminous rectangular thing, again I say, don’t forget to talk to people than your eBooks. So, slash your bill on your passion of reading and start getting free eBooks now!