Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What Has My Mobile Phone Turned Me Into?

Can you still recall how life was back then even before cell phones have become a part of everybody’s life? If you are at least on your early 20’s just like me, then you definitely had experienced life without a cell phone. So, how was it? I suppose if I let you choose between the lives now and back then, you would probably prefer this digital age. Well, I can’t blame you; even I, personally, find the 21st century better than what I was used to. However, with life become easy yet seldom complex with the aid of technology, some things have turned ugly. Take these for example:

Meeting a friend? 
Before, all we have to do is set the who, what, where, when, time—and why—of meetups, and it’s done. It’s actually very simple. But now, as technology gets us more connected to each other conveniently, people have become disrespectful of someone else’s time.

Memorizing phone numbers? 
Ah, this one gets me. I remember when I was small; I used to memorize the 7-digit phone numbers of my family, relatives, and friends. I never needed a pen and paper just to jot down those numbers for safekeeping. Everything was stored in my brain. But today, why memorize when all you have to do is pull up the number of that someone from the address book of your handheld device? Life may have been easy, but in turn, we became...dumb.

Stranded and need a ride?
Although communication is not a tap away on your smartphone kind of way in the past, there are absolutely a number of ways for you to contact your family and friends if you need something. But now, people just seem to step on other’s boundaries just to get what they need/want.

Called someone but didn't pick up? 
Malicious thoughts are not so common back then. Whenever we attempt to keep in touch with someone through the line, we keep our composure and optimism, thinking that the person we are contacting is probably just busy or whatnot. But it’s not the case these days. People tend to feel ignored and hurt whenever someone hasn't texted back or a call was not answered.

While waiting... 
I’m certain that a lot of people are guilty on this, not to mention you and me. Socializing comes out naturally before mobile phones came into the picture. It was easier back then to form personal connections. But now, whenever you see people waiting in a certain place, they’re all busy texting, playing games, shopping in online mobile stores, liking, tweeting, or whatsoever.

That’s quite something, huh? And you’re pretty much aware that this isn't surprising at all. Well, together with the benefits that mobile phones have provided us, come its drawbacks. I guess we have to live with it. But you know what, my real intention here is to make these known to you so that you yourself can at least try to get your act together and lay off the bad effects of your mobile phone use.

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