Thursday, February 6, 2014

Your New Library: Guide to Find Free Books from iBookstore

If you are a wide-reader that gets to read any reading material that are fascinating, then there’s no doubt that you always have this compilation of pages—be it hardbound or paperback—that never gets to leave your backpack anywhere else. Although reading a good book is always a good thing, you must always remember to talk to other folks as well or you’d be no different with people who are so engrossed with their self-luminous rectangular thing. As someone said to those kinds of people, “there is a big life out there; you just have to move your head three inches upward.”

So, reading is your thing indeed. It’s also evident on how much you spend time and money on the book section. But, did you know that you don’t always have to bust your wallet in order to get a good book? Sometimes, all you need is a good searching skill with your iDevice, and then you can get the best free-time of your life. So, whether you are finding a way to liven up that dull commute or reading has finally replaced TV as your life, you can actually get great free reading from the cloud just by following these steps below; no more too much splurging:

#1: Look into the right place

There are a bunch of sources in the cloud where you can find eBooks all meandering. And as usual, some are free; some are not. But, wouldn't it be much easier if at the first place, you already know where to look? A great way to look for books with your iPhone or iPad is in the iBooks Store itself. If you don’t have the iBooks app yet, you can download it directly on iTunes. For an iDevice user, iBooks Store is the best way to download and read the latest best-selling books or your favorite classics. And if you are looking for free eBooks, all you have to do is open iBooks, tap Store, look for Featured at the bottom of the screen to tap, scroll down at the bottom of the page to look for Quick Links, and finally click on Free Books.

#2: Look for your kind of books

I’m pretty sure you have your kind of books. Genre matters. You have to know what you like in order to enjoy it, or else you’ll just get bored and end up not finishing the book at all. Good thing, Apple’s free books collection is divided into several categories in order for you to fish out the books you fancy about. If you want to try something new, you can check out the list of recommended free books. It’s not just all free books merged collectively. Subcategories make it easier for eBook readers to get the books they want that are available and copyright-free.

#3: Look for a new source

Sometimes, looking into the same place over and over is not enough. And at times, venturing outside is all you have to do. If nothing in iBooks Store grabs you, then it’s about time for you to look for a new source of happiness; a new source of books. After all, we can’t find all the books on Apple’s bookstore alone. You can search blogs that feature popular ebooks, top 100 ebooks, and so much more. If you’re lucky enough, the blogs might already have links included and that you might get them free of cost.

#4: And finally, looks like you are ready to read

Once you've found the book you like on the iBookstore, you can now download it by tapping on the Free button, and then giving another tap on the Get Book button to finally get the free book. The book will then be downloaded to your library, and should also automatically show up across all your iDevices that have iBooks installed. Then you can start reading to your liking. That will do the trick.

To all bookworms out there, bear in mind that all you need is a good searching skill with your all reliable smartphone or tablet. And now that you are reading through your self-luminous rectangular thing, again I say, don’t forget to talk to people than your eBooks. So, slash your bill on your passion of reading and start getting free eBooks now!

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