Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Why Too Soon with the Galaxy S5, Samsung?

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Samsung is one of the major players in the smartphone industry. It has managed to stay alive and kicking amidst the myriad of adversities it had and is still consistently encountering. Due to Samsung’s constant innovation, it has overtaken Apple in terms of number of units shipped. Today, Samsung is regarded as the largest smartphone manufacturer in the world.

Just recently, it had announced its first ever smartphone that utilizes a bendable display, which is called the Galaxy Round. The said handheld device is incorporated with a virtually unbreakable screen that can withstand all sorts of physical insults. Despite the fact that the Galaxy Round per se isn’t a flexible device, Samsung still pushed through with the concept. Many analysts and lay people alike deem that having a bendable screen in a hard shell, together with non-bendable internal components is absurd. It’s simply useless. It’s just like having any other smartphone available on the market but with a concave display.

According to Sascha Segan, a mobile analyst at PC Mag, “I don’t think this particular model is going to be a big deal on the market.” But the South Korean tech giant never did doubt its concept. The Galaxy Round will be a jump-start to the bendable screen technology that will benefit its future smartphones. And this is what mobile consumers find admirable with Samsung; it sticks to finding ways to innovate regardless of the risks associated with the technology to be adopted.

Well, that was quite a lengthy introduction; better yet, let’s go to what we’re supposed to talk about here, and that’s about the allegations of the premature date of announcement of the Galaxy S4’s successor. The Samsung Galaxy S4 was just announced in March of 2013, and rumors are already circulating that the Galaxy S5 will be unveiled sooner than expected. Some say that it will probably be scheduled in January of 2014.

Just like me, I suppose that you are wondering as well on why the hurry. As it turns out, the disappointing sales of the Galaxy S4 prompted the company to launch a new flagship device earlier than usual. Every battle becomes fiercer in the ongoing smartphone wars, and Apple seems to be enjoying a short-lived victory with the impressive sales of the iPhone 5s. And of course, Samsung will never let this pass by without a fight. So, to show that its really means business, it has decided to shorten the gap of its phone releases from 11 months to 9 months that be succeeded by an advanced smartphone that can outperform each and every handset on the market.

Samsung had kept in mind its tightest competitor, Apple, with its flagship phone powered by a 64-bit processor. Given this, it plans to sport the Galaxy S5 with a 64-bit, octa-core Exynos 5430 chip. With such striking processor, it may be the most powerful handset there is. In addition, it will feature a 16-megapixel camera with an enhanced low-light performance and Optical Image Stabilization. Anyway, these are merely rumors. Don’t get too excited just yet. There are a lot of things that can happen in a span of 3 months, so watch out.

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