Sunday, December 22, 2013

Which Smartphone of 2013 is Best? Let’s Find Out

The smartphone industry is considered the biggest market in consumer tech nowadays. It has managed to create a thriving culture that affects a lot of people in a global scale. And as always, because of its irrefutable fame, an outright competition has been brewing ever since its market has been conceived. This is the reason why you see so many smartphones from a variety of manufacturers trying to outdo each other. So, before 2013 ends, let us see which is best among a handful of smartphones according to the review by BGR. Read on.

Best Design. More than the internal components which determine how well a smartphone is going to work, aesthetics plays a major role in driving sales. If a handset looks nice, it’s definitely worth being showed off. And in this category, the award goes to the HTC One. Indeed, deciding the winner for this category was not easy, but evidently, the attention to details by HTC made it undeniably the victor. The aluminum casing brings out an elegant look, while its convex posterior makes it fit perfectly in the hand. The glass covering in front creates a feeling of endlessness, for it spills over the sides of the phone that is aligned flawlessly with its chamfered bezel. Plus, the front-facing BoomSound speakers contribute to the overall look, giving the HTC One the title of best design.

Best Performance. When it comes to performance, we typically rely on numbers to arrive at a conclusion, but with the iPhone 5s, this doesn’t apply. Many Android smartphones available on the market are already being built with quad and octa-core processors clocked at over 2GHz, while the 5s is only powered with a dual-core processor clocked at 1.3GHz. But as it appears with extensive testing and comparison performed by well-respected device reviewers, the flagship phone of Apple doesn’t only level with the powerful Android phones; it outperforms them.

Best Display. Because of the fact that the smartphones of today have a touchscreen interface, it is imperative in the part of smartphone manufacturers to come up with a superb display that has stupendous clarity. Of all the mobile phones vigilantly scrutinized for this category, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 boasted the most gorgeous display. This ginormous handset sports Samsung’s brightest super AMOLED display ever. Test results show that its panel is 55% brighter than its predecessor’s panel, yet the colors don’t appear to be exaggerated like with the Galaxy S4. No wonder, the Galaxy Note 3 became the fastest-selling phablet of all time.

Best Value. Of course, we can expect a far more expensive smartphone to be better in a variety of aspects, but this is a question that’s worth being answered: “Is it worth it?” You can splurge all you want on a gadget, but will the money you put on it be worth every penny? If value is what you’re looking for, then look no more because Google’s Nexus 5 is the smartphone for you. It is made affordable, for it retails only for $349. Comparatively, you’ll see that other smartphones having the same specs as the Nexus 5 cost nearly as twice off contract.

I think we all agree with the results. If you still haven’t decided what smartphone to get for yourself, I hope that this review has shed some light on what your next purchase is going to be.

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