Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Going Out of Business? Go Blame the Internet

For most of us, the Internet is perhaps the greatest breakthrough there is since the Wright brothers invented the airplane. And why wouldn’t it be? With the Internet and its virtually infinite nature, we can be able to reach out to anybody wherever he is. But more than that, it has innovated the way we live our lives by giving us access to all sorts of information with just one click.

However, not everyone is ecstatic with the birth of the Internet. For some, it is the reason why their lives have been reduced into shambles. Their livelihood was severely disadvantaged ever since the World Wide Web has made its debut. Without further ado, let me show you the businesses that the Internet has vaporized.

Book Stores. Books are truly a great collection, but in this digital age, consumers would rather have an e-book than a real book. The retail sphere has radically changed ever since the Internet stepped into the picture, and one of the most affected industries is this one. When every sort of media has moved to digital downloads, interest to the same thing that possesses a physical presence diminished. And the most painful blow was when Amazon introduced the Kindle, an eReader that provided readers with the convenience of holding a variety of books in a portable device.

Video Stores. VCD and DVD rental services have experienced a big boom back in the late 20th century; however, they weren’t spared when the Internet dominated every household. Nowadays, all it takes is a tap of a finger for you to watch movies from a wide selection over the Internet. With that kind of convenience, who would want to bother themselves for a trip to the video store when they can just seamlessly stream whatever they want to watch either for free or sometimes for a price.

Record Stores. Music has been part of our everyday lives. It serves as a catalyst in bringing out our deeply kept emotions, but often, it’s just a means to entertain us when we’re bored. Given this, can you still recall on when was your last visit to the record store? Perhaps a lot of you can no longer remember because you were used to just downloading stuff over the Internet. Internet downloads enable you to choose just the track you like instead of buying the whole album. But the best part of it is that you may be lucky enough to find a pirated copy that won’t cost you a single cent.

Travel Agencies. Back in the days when information with regard to travel and whatnot is scarce, travel agencies are of great help to assure you of an enjoyable yet restful vacation. However, now that people can research about the “place-to-be” on their destination, not to mention transactions are now easily conducted online, middlemen in the form of these agencies have lost their luster. You can be able to have the adventure of your life with the aid of your trusty smartphone.

Payphones. Why will someone who has a mobile phone still want to call through a payphone, you ask? That’s a good question. Well, that’s unless if he wants to make an anonymous call. Be that as it may, payphones are gradually becoming nothing more than a disgusting piece of equipment that clutters the streets of every sidewalk. Unless they’re the prominent red booths you see scattered all around London, they’re completely useless.

Post Offices. In a world where everything had become fast-paced, people inhabiting in it should be able to catch up with the hustles and bustles of modern day life. Just imagine having an urgent need to send an important message, but the only way for that message to be transmitted is through the post office. What a drag. Good thing, we already have the email. It’s no wonder why the post office is having troubles staying afloat these days.

You need not to wonder anymore if the businesses mentioned above will completely disappear in no time. It’s a dog eat dog world out there. If they cannot keep up with the changes of this era, might as well resort to the insufferable concessions that will make them go out of business.

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