Thursday, January 9, 2014

Gained Some Weight Past the Holidays? Lose Those Extra Pounds with the Help of These Apps

The holiday season is a relatively lengthy occasion full of an assortment of festivities. We take delight of all the sights, sounds, and tastes in celebrating the over-a-month-long merriment that give way to a season of joy. And whenever we have a good time, we bond with our loved ones, harmonize the atmosphere with great music, and of course, indulge in sumptuous food. But sometimes, indulgence becomes tantamount to binging until we gain not only the joys of the season but an additional line or two on the weighing scale.

As we bid goodbye to this season with the coming of a brand new year, we start the year right with our New Year’s resolutions. And ever since these resolutions have become a tradition, weight loss has reigned as one of the most popular in the list of things to change and accomplish. To achieve the weight of your desire, let these apps help you to make you look and feel fit.

Lose It! Losing weight is hard work. It takes more than simply dieting or plain working out to reach your desired weight; it requires the synergy of both. With Lose It!, you can be able to keep track of your weight loss goals. Just enter your current weight and your desired weight, and the app will provide you with a fitness plan that is easy to follow. It will tell you the maximum daily calories you should consume, and it can compute your calories burned according to the activities you do. At the end of the day, you can see a line graph to view your progress since the day you started your fitness plan.
Daily Workouts. Gym memberships can cost you a fortune, so why not work out at home instead? Not only that this free app can save you money; it can also save you time. Once you have downloaded the Daily Workouts app in your smartphone or tablet, you can be able to view a vast anthology of workout videos that are broken down into five-or-ten-minute routines. Because of their fairly short length, they are simple to do and follow. With it, you can get your butt, arms, abs, and legs in shape as the workouts in the app are as effective as your local fitness class.

ShopWell. There has been a debate onto whether which between dieting and exercising is far more effective in losing weight. And as further studies are being conducted, the odds seem to favor dieting. Your caloric consumption as compared vis-a-vis with your daily activities is the most important parameter to watch out to ensure weight loss. And so, if you want to track everything from carbs to gluten, let ShopWell help you establish your dietary needs. Whenever you’re at the grocery store, scan the barcodes of food items, and the app will tell you if the product you have scanned meets your requirements. Otherwise, it will suggest another similar product that does. Not only that it works best for dieting; it also helps you set a diet plan for those suffering from allergies or diabetes.

With apps now available to help you lose the weight you gained from all the sumptuous dinner parties the past holidays, you no longer have an excuse not to shed those extra pounds and be back to your fit self again. All you have to do is download them to your handheld device and you’re on your way to health and fitness.

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