Sunday, May 4, 2014

Photo-enhancing camera lenses for smartphones

We, as humans, seem to have this insatiable hunger for progress and advancement. This is how the word innovation became essential into each of our lives. We tend to strive to be the best, make the best and have the best things we can grasp on. We can actually see innovation taking place each and every day of our lives, making our lives easier, better and far more advanced than the usual, transforming those who are a creature of habit into completely and exactly the opposite.

 The only thing we can do to preserve the moment is to remember it for the rest of our lives and immortalize them as photos. But we don’t always have the luxury of having a Digital Single Lens Reflex camera (DSLR) hanging around our necks to capture certain moments for these moments seem to come at random timing. So what’s the best thing to capture your precious, priceless and treasured photo? What else than your trusty and reliable smartphone.

Well, of course the image quality is not as good as what the DSLR camera could have delivered. Still, with its pocket-friendly build and portability, your smartphone is the next best thing to have rather than having a bulky and heavy DSLR camera. Recently, we are flooded with photo editing apps to aid our needs for having the perfect photo, but if these apps still do not suffice or satisfy you, the attachable camera lenses come barging in to cater to your needs. Here are some attachable camera lenses that top the list of attachable smartphone accessories out in the market today:

Photojojo Lens Set

Simply snap on these lenses on your smartphone’s camera lens and watch them work their magic on your photos. Each lens has its own featured effect to add more drama and creativity on your photos.

Easy-Macro Universal Smartphone Lens

Probably the most budget-friendly amongst all the attachable camera lenses. The Easy-Macro lens is compatible on all mobile devices and pulls off a very seamless feel and is highly portable. It is said to promise you 4x magnification and razor-sharp close-up images.

iPro Lens System

Customize your smartphone with this stylish case that features not just a trendy-looking design but offers to enhance the quality of your captured images. It comes with various lenses. Each lens features different effect that may just take your breath away. With the iPro lens system you’ll be capable of taking wider shots and exemplary close-up images.


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