Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Can the Samsung Galaxy S5 Beat the HTC One M8?

Technological sphere can’t help but compare these two smart pieces. Could the Samsung Galaxy S5 beat the HTC One M8, or is it the other way around? Which between these phones do you think is smarter than the other? There’s no other way to find out than to get hold of the two and differentiate the spots from stripes! If you are keen enough to notice, the blogosphere mostly boasts about the bits of HTC One M8 against that of Samsung Galaxy S5. But now, let’s see what the Samsung Galaxy S5 can flaunt in all its glory to show us that it, too, deserves the limelight.

#1: The Sturdier Build
The first thing to look at before you unravel all the bits underneath these high-end gizmos is their build. Of course, the brushed metal finish, premium aluminum design of the HTC One M8 makes it indeed an eye-candy that goes along with its natural curves for a comfortable fit on your hands. But as you see, the Samsung Galaxy S5 can also do better. The Samsung Galaxy S5 beats that of HTC One M8’s build as the former is IP67 certified, which means it’s not just dustproof, but it’s also waterproof. IP67 is the degree of protection provided against the intrusion, dust, accidental contact, and water. Would you rather be more on the aesthetics and compromise your phone’s durability?

#2: The Better Camera
If you’re a kind of person who is a sucker for snagging out photos and the most talked about “selfie,” then I bet you’d be putting your money on the Samsung Galaxy S5 than that of the HTC One M8. The S5’s camera is superfast that it can incredibly snap a photo in just 0.3s. Also, it boasts a 16MP camera to play around with accurate colours and good contrast. How is the 4MP sensor of HTC One M8 any match with that of Samsung Galaxy S5 then? Of course HTC One M8’s camera has a second sensor and lens, and a second flash to capture depth information that is actually great, but we can all agree that Samsung Galaxy S5’s camera works better by all accounts.

#3: The Security
Now, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has an inclusion of fingerprint scanner, which evidently is one of what the HTC One M8 has been lacking. If you are storing crucial information on your gadget, then it pays to be more vigilant on where you store them. In this way, only an authorized person can have access with your private files, and you’ll have the privacy which everyone rightfully deserves.

#4: The More Convenient
If you have a tiptop phone with all those staggering features and specs, but don’t know how to operate it, then every bit of it will be downright useless. At the end of the day, the convenience with these neat devices is what we are all after. Now, the Samsung Galaxy S5 has the right to boast with its childproof features, removable battery, and with the new Ultra Power Saving Mode. In a nutshell, the Samsung Galaxy S5 is much more user-friendly than that of HTC One M8.

So, which phone do you think has the right to boast? Let us hear your thoughts below.


  1. As a girl, I prefer the HTC One M8 for its amazing looks. However, I must say the features and user interface on the Galaxy S5 is much better. I hope Samsung comes up with a metallic flagship phone instead of these cheap plastic phones.

  2. But now, let’s see what the Samsung Galaxy S5 can flaunt in all its glory to show us that it, too, deserves the limelight.htc one m8 covers