Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Even Socks Can Be Smart With Sensoria Fitness

Running has become a part of life for more and more people. It is considered a great activity to promote one’s fitness and wellness. In the U.S. alone, there are over 25 million runners; out of that huge number, more than 60% of them get injured every year. And those injuries range from just minor aches to chronic conditions.

According to Maurizio Macagno, vice president of development for Heapsylon, “Technology is becoming smaller, and it will eventually disappear to the human eye.” In the far future, there is a possibility that technology will be incorporated in everything that surrounds us—and in us. Though that idea is still a somewhat far-fetched, some innovators keep us right on track.

Featuring the Sensoria Fitness Socks—a smart device that can promote one’s run. It provides more accurate details of a person’s number of steps taken, distance, speed, cadence, and calories burned. But apart from the information provided by it same as with the various fitness equipment available on stores, it gets to tell you how well you’re running. It reflects both the quality and quantity of your every run. It even integrates a virtual coach to improve your performance. If you sit down too long, the app will let you know that it’s already time to stand and get going through your mobile earphones. If you get injured, it will alert your loved ones. It essentially heightens performance and security.

The socks themselves are the sensors, and because they are directly placed on your feet, they provide you with the most accurate step, altitude, and calorie counter versus other fitness devices available on the market. The equipment will let you know how to run the proper way in order to prevent strain or any other serious injuries. It helps runners avoid potentially dangerous techniques, such as heel striking, overpronating, or excessive forefoot running that could later lead to back pain or Achilles tendon injuries. With it, you will be able to analyze your every run to make sure you improve your performance and meet your goals. It enables you to share data through social media to build a community of runners like you so that you get to reach your target altogether.

The Sensoria Fitness experience comes with a pair of smart socks that can go through wash and dry cycles, an electronic anklet that magnetically snaps on the cuff of the socks together with the anklet charger, and the mobile application that monitors your performance, shows valuable data, and provides you with real-time audio cues to improve your run. The Sensoria Fitness app is available for iOS, Android and Windows Phones. But if you prefer running without your phone, there’s absolutely no problem. You can always access your data at home with the app’s easy to use dashboard.

If you want to enhance your active lifestyle—or commence it—in making your each and every run more fulfilling as ever, then you should definitely should have a hands-on—foot-on rather—with the Sensoria Fitness Socks. It currently retails at $149. If you’re interested on this smart, wearable device that boosts your fitness level, then pre-order now and receive your very own in March 2014.

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