Thursday, November 21, 2013

Have These Life-Saving Apps Against Allergies on Your Smartphone

Each and every person has a varying degree of sensitivity to external stimuli. Some people may develop a hypersensitivity reaction to substances that are harmless in nature. The name allergens are given to those substances that innervate the immune response. And the inflammatory response ranges from as simple as itchiness to a life-threatening anaphylactic shock. Let me stop myself for awhile; rather than delving into the nose-bleeding specifics on allergies, let us just find some ways on how to steer clear from that imminent danger. And if you still don’t know by now, apps are a great way to keep you safe from an allergy attack. Learn what these apps are by checking on the list below.
  1. Noshed It. Most allergens come in the form of food, and if your immune system is more discriminating than your taste buds, then you should have this app to make sure you don’t end up unconscious on the floor. Noshed It has the mapping database of FourSquare plus the social sharing capabilities of Twitter and Facebook. It lets a person of a certain food allergy share his favorite and least favorite dishes to people of the same condition.
  2. Allergy Eats. This app is just about perfect for people who are into dining out often. It makes sure that its users have a pleasurable and definitely safe dining experience. Allergy eats initiates a peer-based feedback system to see how well restaurants cater to customers with special dietary needs. Hence, you will know where to eat and where not to eat.
  3. Anaphylaxis. If you’re born with a hypersensitive immune response, then you just have to live with it. All you have to do is plan ahead and ready yourself with the necessary actions in any case the worse comes to worst. Good thing, Anaphylaxis can help you get started. You can be able to create your allergy management plan with this app. Plus, it allows you to set your specific allergens, medications to be taken, and contact persons in the event you encounter a reaction.
  4. First Aid by American Red Cross. It’s best to know a little something about first aid. To get those brain cells working, you can be able to watch the app’s collection of first-aid videos and answer the interactive quizzes during your spare time, provided that you always have a portable charger handy to replenish your handset’s battery. At least, when something dangerously unexpected happens, you know what to do.
  5. EMNet Finder. Sometimes, first aid isn’t just enough, and what you really need is an intervention from a hospital. And if you find yourself in the brink of an attack, you have to get to a medical facility fast wherever you are. EMNet Finder utilizes the GPS function of your smartphone to help you locate the nearest hospital. Furthermore, it provides you with the directions so you can get there in a jiffy.
Remember that technology always has a way on everything, and that includes your health. Never get to thinking that the apps available on your trusty smartphone are merely for entertainment; they too are capable of saving lives. And you know what, the best thing about these apps is that they are absolutely free! So don’t go dying on me because of your allergy, for these apps are here to save your life!

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