Monday, September 23, 2013

Nokia 108 Begs to Differ

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Mobile phone manufacturers have gone to great lengths just to produce the best handheld device there is. The arduous smartphone war to this very day is still at large. You hear patent suits being filed here and there, all around the world by one company to another. Every fierce battle is but a testament of how serious these tech giants are in securing their place on top and in increasing their market share.

All the drama behind every successful product launch brings more excitement to mobile consumers. But sad to say, some of those mobile manufacturers have looked past what others are in search for: a simple phone that is very affordable. Nokia still clings to its roots, and although there are preparations going on to change its company name and perhaps change its business direction, the Finnish phone maker still won’t be stopped from launching a well-thought, well-made, affordable handset that caters to first time mobile phone users, those who prefer it simple, or for people who just want a dependable backup device for emergencies. According to Timo Toikkanen, executive vice president of Nokia, “We continue to connect millions of people, including those for whom mobile phone ownership was previously out of reach.”

Not only will you find the powerful devices on shops or online stores like e_cell; you can now choose a feature phone that has decent features, equivalent to the cost of a few cell phone cases. Yes, the new Nokia 108 is this cheap. It is predicted to have a retail price of just $29. But mind you, not all cheap items are poor in quality. Nokia holds the title of having one of the sturdiest mobile phones on the market.

So, what will you get from the $29 feature phone? The Nokia 108 comes with a VGA camera that is capable of capturing photos and videos. It also features a music player to entertain the music lovers out there. Sharing media files is made better and faster by the use of Slam. After snapping a great photo, just touch your handset to another Bluetooth-enabled device to share that media file in an instant. Anxious about storage space? Well, this phone enables a user to expand the built-in memory using an SD card to up to 32 GB of space. The best feature is yet to be said; the best thing about this device is its battery life. Never again will you have to worry about having a replacement battery handy because the Nokia 108 has a standby time of up to 31 days.

Now, if you have decided to purchase your very own Nokia 108, you can choose among the different unit colors. It’s available in black, red, white, yellow, and cyan. Anytime soon, sometime in the 4th quarter of 2013, you can now get hold of this $29 phone. Who knows, this might be the very last Nokia phone that you can ever own before it ultimately gets taken over by another tech giant, so better grab this opportunity to patronize the company that revolutionized the mobile phone industry before it’s too late.

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