Tuesday, July 1, 2014

What to expect with iOS 8

 September,  at first, it may not seem as something to look forward to, but mind you, September brings so much promise that people from around the world are so eager to get to. Rumour has it that the most awaited gadget of the year is set to be released in the month of September. The release of Apple iPhone 6 which is wrapped with so many leaks and rumours that no one is entirely sure which one to believe, and which one to take for granted. One thing is for sure though, coupled with the release of the Apple iPhone 6 is the release of its latest version of operating system, the iOS 8.

As a regular consumer, you may well take note that upon deciding to purchase a smartphone, there are two important things that you must consider before shedding some cash for a certain device: first, hardware and second, operating system. Once you’ve exhausted all your power in researching for all the amazing features of a smartphone, taking a peak on its OS should be the next in line. With the upcoming release of the iPhone 6, consumers are treated with not just a brand new hardware but an equally sensational operating system. This makes us ask, what should we expect with the iOS 8?

1.       Photos App
This improvement will benefit avid Apple users that own not only one but multiple Apple devices. If you have a Mac, an iPad, an iPod and an iPhone, you can store all your photos in all your Apple devices real time. Your treasured images will always be available whenever, wherever.

2.       Messaging
The iOS 8 promises to give messaging a new life by allowing you to send not just text messages but also voice recordings, and videos fast and convenient.

3.       User Interface
Also, an improved and more user-friendly user interface is expected for the upcoming iOS 8. Interactive notifications and convenient shortcuts are available. Multitasking will also be a piece of cake.

4.       Keyboard
The iOS 8 considers its upcoming keyboard to be the smartest keyboard ever, as it will not just be suggesting correct words and spelling, but also suggests the possible words to say to anyone you are sending your message. This allows the user to have fewer taps on the keyboard to type the message.

5.       Sharing Files
Family Sharing through iCloud will also be available in the iOS 8, making sharing files whether a new app or a new song or movie can be easily passed on to a maximum of six family members anytime you wish.

6.       iCloud
With the new and improved iCloud it will be easier to work on whichever device you opt to use and all your files will be readily available for you.

These are just some of the known features of the new iOS 8, however, there will be no reason to fret because the waiting and the anticipation will soon be over as both hardware and OS will be released in September 16. 

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